Schuessler Cell Salt Magnesium Phosphate (Mag. Phos.)

Mag. Phos or Magnesium Phosphate is the panacea for nerve and muscular ailments. This nerve and muscle fiber nutrient is a vital mineral found in the cells of the brain, nerves, muscle, blood, bones, and teeth. Along with water and albumen, it constitutes the clear liquid that nurtures the white fibers of nerves and muscles.

Lack of this biochemic tiisue salt may cause the fibers to constrict and produce   cramps, seizures, tremors, and related symptoms.

Mag Phos in tandem with Calc.Phos.acts like a nerve and muscle relaxant and can successfully treat many neuralgic disorders. These are seizures, spasmodic palpitations, epilepsy, facial twitches, involuntary contractions, and unmanageable tremors of limbs.

The   palliative properties of the salt alleviate spasmodic and neuralgic pains varying from sciatica, headache, toothache, to twinges of pain in the face, ear, or abdomen. This cell salt may also treat reflex afflictions such as hiccups.

Mag Phos is the prime anti-spasmodic, analgesic biochemic salt and the automatic choice for mothers dealing with baby colic, hiccups and digestive cramps and wind. It may be used in place of aspirin to relieve aches and pains. This cell salt if dissolved in warm water and sipped frequently relieves all kinds of cramps. These may range from cramps due to menstruation, angina pectoris, or leg and foot cramps, to those due to mechanical, sporting injuries such as tennis elbow, writers’ cramp etc.

Cramps because of flatulent colic and dysentery respond well to Mag Phos. A ypical patient may a reddish discoloration near the nose, tires easily, and is generally of a nervous disposition. Flatulence, excessive sweating and muscle cramps along with shooting or stabbing pains may also be present.

Cold weather and cold water can aggravate suffering while warmth or light pressure can give relief. Cramps can be ameliorated by bending over double and open air can relieve vertigo sensations.






Author: R.Graeber
Alternative Practitioner and
Health Educationalist (SKA)


Member of the Association of German Alternative Practioners


Member of the German Association of Nutrition