What is Qigong? Qigong is an ancient health care system of Chinese origin and this system is based on the integration of physical postures, focused intention and breathing techniques. Qigong is derived from two Chinese words Chi Kung. Qi means vital energy or life force and is pronounced as ‘chee’. This energy is present in all the things present in the Universe.

The other word, Gong is pronounced as gung and means skill or accomplishment and comes with constant practice. Qigong means cultivating energy and is very good for maintaining health, increasing vitality and healing. It is a combination of breathing techniques, focused intentions and physical postures.

Qigong practices are classified as spiritual, medical and spiritual. All these three classifications involve a posture, which is either moving or stable and it also consists of mental focus and breathing techniques. While certain practices increase the Qi others circulate it. It is used to heal and cleanse the body and can be stored in the body or emitted to heal others. Qigong practices differ from soft styles such as Tai Chi to vigorous styles like Kung Fu. The gentle styles can be adapted easily by the physically challenged and may be practiced by people belonging to different age groups.

Though Qigong is a highly effective practice it is not a universal remedy for all ailments. It is only used as an alternative form of complementary medicine. Unlike the traditional exercise programs, Qigong influences the various dimensions of our being and creates awareness. The other exercises do not deal with the meridian system that is used in acupuncture nor do they lay any emphasize on the importance of breathing techniques, mind intent and physical movements. All these put together increases the benefits of exercising.

Qigong’s rhythmic and gentle movements help reduce stress, increase vitality, strengthen the immune system and build stamina. Qigong is known for improving functions of the heart, lungs, digestion, blood circulation and lymphatic functions.

People practicing Qigong regain youthfulness, maintain good health and recover quickly from illnesses. It also reduces hypertension and slows the aging process. Qigong re-establishes the soul, body and mind connection. People practice Qigong to maintain good health, heal their bodies and keep their minds calm and reconnect with their spirit.

When the body, soul and mind are integrated, a person develops a positive outlook towards life and gets rid of harmful behavior and attitudes. It also helps in having a balanced lifestyle that in turn brings stability, harmony and enjoyment.

Qigong practices are many, from simple and internal forms to the complex and challenging styles. They are very beneficial and can be practiced by the physically challenged as well as the super athlete. There are classes for children, senior citizens as well as other age groups, it can be practiced at any time and anywhere and does not require any special clothing or accessories.

Every one can benefit from Qigong irrespective of age, ability and circumstances in life or belief system. It helps enrich lives, develops energy and concentration, reduces stress, and enhances the quality of life and eases childbirth.




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Author: R.Graeber
Alternative Practitioner and
Health Educationalist (SKA)


Member of the Association of German Alternative Practioners


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