Schuessler Cell Salt Calcium Phosphate (Calc. Phos.)

A great curative tonic for recuperation from fractures, surgery, and anemia is the biochemic salt, Calcarea Phos - the most plentiful tissue salt in the body. Calcarea Phosphoricum, commonly called "Phosphate of Lime” is part of the calcium family  and is good  for both the growing children and  the elderly  as it builds bones, new blood cells and stimulates the regeneration of nerve tissue.

Are you feeling run down after an illness? Calc Phos works wonders as a pick-me-up and is often prescribed as a broad-spectrum nutrition supplement. It aids digestion and growth, reduces fatigue, joint pains, numbness, and cramps, ameliorates painful menstruation, throat infections, dental and skin problems, usually indicative of inadequate nutrition. Since this bone cell salt helps with calcium absorption, it is vital for dentition, puberty, and growth phases in young children and for defense against arthritis and osteoporosis among the elderly. As the primary cellular builder, Calc Phos gives essential support towards healing stressed cells whether fractured or diseased bone, decayed teeth, or soft tissues like blood cells.

Who would benefit the most from this restorative tonic? Children with teething trouble, a delay in fontanel closure, deficient development and growing pains would profit from it. So would girls with painful menstruation and backache and women with postmenopausal problems. Biochemic practitioners would prescribe it for geriatrics with general debility, arthritis, chilblains, and rheumatism. Since this biochemic remedy is important for digestion and nutrient absorption, it is good for patients post surgery or who are constitutionally weak or have a wasting illness. Along with Ferrum Phos, it is recommended for treating anemia.

Some symptoms are a weakened immunity to colds, headaches, and neuralgia. Patients in need are often unhappy, anxious, given to sighing, and are generally worse in cold and damp weather. Another indicator is the aversion to fruit and dairy products and an inordinate craving for fatty salty foods. Usually the symptoms lessen with rest and warm weather.




Author: R.Graeber
Alternative Practitioner and
Health Educationalist (SKA)


Member of the Association of German Alternative Practioners


Member of the German Association of Nutrition