Schuessler Cell Salt Sodium Chloride (Nat. Mur.)

Natrum Muriaticum or Nat Mur is also the common table salt ‘Sodium Chloride’. Known universally as the ‘water salt’, this biochemic remedy is responsible for the distribution of water content in the body. Water, which is a vital element of every cell, solid or liquid, makes up 70 percent of the human body. Minerals of the Natrum family that regulate the amount of water and its proper distribution are naturally of prime importance.

A lack of this water balancing tissue salt can upset the equilibrium of the human organism. Nat Mur moderates the circulatory, lymphatic and digestive systems and maintains the health of the mucous membranes. The symptoms are varied and the uneven balance of fluids in the body can produce profuse watery discharge from an organ while creating extreme dehydration in another part.

An insufficiency of the salt shows up in extreme thirst, craving of sour, salty foods, chapped lips, sinus, catarrhal and skin infections with watery secretions. Some symptoms like hay fever, eye watering, diarrhea, edema, excessive salivation and urination and the tendency to weep copiously may point to imbalance of water in the cells. Too little water may manifest itself in heartburn, dry psoriasis, and constipation.

The body’s water distributor cell salt is likely to be prescribed by a biochemic practitioner for ailments as diverse as edema, high blood pressure, hay fever, loss of smell, migraines and depression.

Natrum Mur, in conjunction with the tissue salt Kali Phos, is an essential electrolyte and influences our physical and emotional health. People who benefit from Nat Mur are likely to be perfectionists, overly sensitive and stereotypical ‘stiff upper lip’ types in the face of difficulties.

When however the emotional floodgates open, they display almost hysterical behavior. The evenings are a happier time for them while heat and noise aggravate their symptoms.





Author: R.Graeber
Alternative Practitioner and
Health Educationalist (SKA)


Member of the Association of German Alternative Practioners


Member of the German Association of Nutrition