Schuessler Cell Salt Sodium Sulphate (Nat. Sulph.)

The cure-all for most liver ailments, Nat Sulph or Sodium Sulphate is the salt that is essential for maintaining the water balance in the human body. It helps the functioning of the liver, spleen and kidney by ensuring the right amount of retention and secretion of water from the blood.

Nat Sulph works in tandem with the other two Natrum salts, Nat Phos and Nat Mur. The former salt forms the first agent of the chain by decomposing lactic acid and releasing water into the blood flow. Next is Nat Mur which is responsible for the allocation of water throughout the body. Finally is the role of Nat Sulph which then aims to harmonize the sum total of water held in the tissue.

In this way Nat Sulph acts almost akin to a Uric Acid Diathesis and becomes an indispensable key to curing a host of health issues ranging from spinal meningitis, hepatitis, bile and gout problems, jaundice and diabetes to common colds and flu, warts formation, stomach distress, body-aches, lethargy and even effects of excess alcohol consumption. If combined with the action of the Silica tissue salt, it could also be of aid to patients suffering from humidity-triggered asthma attacks.

If cold and damp weather or living in dark and cramped spaces seem to aggravate your feelings of ill-health, this biochemic salt could be the most likely solution. A lack of Nat Sulph may appear as a variety of symptoms. It maybe first noticed as a disturbance of the outer ear appearance. Later, more prominent facial coloration changes may occur such as a purplish tinge to the nose and a by and large yellowish highlight to the face.

Patients may exhibit worse conditions in wet and cold climates, especially during the early hours of the day and while lying on their left side. In contrast, their state improves significantly in warmer, drier and more spacious environments. 




Author: R.Graeber
Alternative Practitioner and
Health Educationalist (SKA)


Member of the Association of German Alternative Practioners


Member of the German Association of Nutrition